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Translucent marble



Artificial translucent stone is a new type of polymer material. It is an environmentally-friendly artificial stone manufactured by imitating natural stone with transparent material. It uses natural stone particles, fine powder, unsaturated polyester resin, fillers, pigments, and a small amount of initiator. Under the action, it is made by special processing machinery and production equipment.






1. With the transmission effect of ordinary light, it can produce a dreamlike effect that appears and disappears momentarily;

2. Compared with traditional artificial stone, it is not easy to scratch, not easy to deform, better hardness, impact resistance, flame retardancy, more safety, higher gloss, wider application range, beautiful and fashionable, and environmental protection.

3. Compared with natural stone, the raw materials are easy to obtain and can be taken from the nearest place; the color can be adjusted, colorful, and durable as new, and the surface is bright like a mirror; it is non-toxic, odorless, radiation-free, healthy and environmentally friendly, and has no micropores Structure, stain resistance, easy maintenance and strong processability.

4. As a new type of green building material, it can comprehensively utilize various resources. It is a high-end decoration that replaces natural stone. It can effectively suppress the excessive exploitation of natural stone and can promote the development of environmental protection, circular economy and low-carbon economy.

Application range

A. It has been commercialized and has been applied to the decoration of home furnishings and buildings. It is gradually becoming a new favorite in the decoration and building materials market. It can not only be used as floor, wall, ceiling, package post, door head, door cover decoration materials, but also suitable for various types of countertop materials.

B. It is used in public buildings and home decoration projects. After forming with different molds, it can be made into transparent background walls, special-shaped lighting, transparent ceilings, transparent lamp posts, floors, transparent posts, transparent bars, and various A variety of light-transparent countertops and light-transmitting artworks.

C. Specific adaptable places: hotels, hotels, business buildings; song and dance halls, discotheques, cafes and other entertainment venues.



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