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hot sale conference table




Conference tables are common modern office supplies. Generally, high-quality corian is used as the countertop, stainless steel base and imported high-quality hardware.






Conference table structure is divided into: steel frame structure, plate structure.

The conference shapes are divided into: rectangular style, oval style, horse belly style, round style, and other special styles.

Regular size;

Small conference table: 1800 * 900 * 750mm, 2400 * 1200 * 750mm.

Medium-sized conference table: 2800 * 1400 * 750mm, 3200 * 1500 * 750mm.

Large conference table: 3600 * 1600 * 750mm, 4200 * 1700 * 750mm, 4600 * 1800 * 750mm, etc.



The table top is made of steel, which can greatly guarantee the quality of the table

When the conference table is longer than 3 meters, we will divide it into two parts. With the unique splicing method, there is almost no gap

Stainless steel base is durable and upscale

We can add sockets and brand sockets according to your requirements, which can meet different voltages in various countries.